Dear Members of the Riverside Stake,

I hope that you each have had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday to reflect on and express gratitude for our many bounteous blessings.  I wanted to write a few things about the Church’s 2016 Christmas initiative to “Light the World.” What an exciting initiative this is!  Over the last several days I have felt strong impressions and a sense of urgency that we as saints in Riverside do our part to “Light the World!” 

I am asking that each of us make this initiative a priority in our lives as we become a light to the world at all times, and especially during this Christmas season. Please review the details of this initiative at and make a serious effort to invite all of your fellow ward members, friends, and neighbors to do the same and to participate in this exciting initiative.  We’re asking all to do their part to serve and “Light the World.”  

On there is a video and an accompanying advent calendar that provides suggestions and ways we might consider, on how to follow the Savior by bringing Light to the World in 25 Ways over 25 Days.  From Dec 1st – 25th, the website will display a different suggestion, a short 30-second video clip, with additional thoughts and scriptures to go along with that day’s suggestion/focus.   

Please invite all to do the following.

  • Sharing the video with friends, family and associates as a way to begin a gospel conversation about the Savior, then inviting their friends to their homes for a brief lesson about Jesus Christ with the missionaries.
  • Serving friends, family and associates following Elder Oaks’ admonition to live the gospel so that we can draw others to the truth by the light of example. 
  • Showing our love for the Lord and our desire to follow Him by participating in a Worldwide Day of Service on December 1. 

Thank you for your help in sharing this message.  May we follow the Savior’s example in providing service throughout this Christmas season.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I love and appreciate each of you and the many sacrifices that you put forth to serve!  I am looking forward to seeing the Light that the Riverside Saints bring to the World over the next month!  Can you imagine what good we can accomplish if we had hundreds from our Stake serving in small and simple ways every day?!?!  By small and simple things are great things brought to pass!

 All My Best,

President Craig Beyler

Some excerpts from the Church’s article:

On November 15, the Church posted a message, including a short video, on entitled, “Church Encourages ‘Small and Simple Acts’ on Worldwide Day of Service.”  The video encourages all to “Serve anyone you want, any way you want” this December 1 and every day until December 25th. The Church’s Worldwide Day of Service, which kicks off a month-long “Light the World” Christmas initiative encouraging members to share the light of Christ through small, but meaningful acts of service on each of the 25 days before Christmas.

 Light the World. In 25 Ways. Over 25 Days

Detailed on, this year’s Christmas message from the Church—“Light the world. In 25 ways. Over 25 days”—is all about service, especially serving the way Christ did.

The Church’s goal to is to have more than 100,000 individuals provide service on December 1. “We’ve heard that 100,000 people serving across the world would represent the single largest service event in the world, said Sharon Eubank, director of LDS Charities. “We’re not looking for any record—but it’s our hope that a goal like this will help to motivate participation.”

To help with that goal, the Church is marshaling its worldwide force of 70,000 missionaries to provide service to someone in their community on December 1. “Some will be serving at local food pantries, community centers, parks, or at a single home. Missionaries provide service all the time, but it is exciting to think of such a large group of people all doing good at once,” said Steven Peterson, managing director of the Welfare Department for the Church.   “Christmas time is about celebrating the birth, the life and the ministry of Jesus Christ,” said Bruce Muir, director of emergency response for the Church. “What better way to do that, than to be a light in the lives of others.”

Every day leading up to Christmas is a chance to look at the things Jesus Christ did and resolve to do the same. To help, we’ll be providing daily inspiration, suggestions, and encouragement on how we can follow the example of Jesus Christ and #LIGHTtheWORLD.

Please re-post and share this same invitation with all your friends and family.

For 25 ways to Light the World with Service click below.