I’m sitting at dinner with my family when the Elders called me at 8pm on a Friday night.

“Brother Trimble… hey it’s the Elders. Just making sure you’re aware that we have a baptism tomorrow morning (New Years Eve) at 11am .”

“Sweet! I’ll see you there.”

So it’s New Years Eve… and here I am sitting here bewildered at the youth of our church. While so many young people are trying to figure out which party to attend, I’m watching our youth and missionaries rally around a young man, 16 years of age, who has decided to follow the Savior into the waters of baptism.

For them… this will be a New Years Eve to remember.

If we can do just one thing better in 2017, it might just be to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost a little better. At this baptism, Eliza Lindsay who is a good friend to our recent convert Josh, had this to say about the Holy Ghost, and I think it was profound:

Eliza Lindsay

The gift of the Holy Ghost is the privilege given to people who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, been baptized, and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But what is this gift? This glorious gift is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, also known as the comforter. The job of the Holy Ghost is to guide us in the right direction and to bear witness of all truth. This does not mean people who are not baptized can’t feel the warmth of the Holy Ghost’s teachings; it only means that the guidance is temporary. After baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, we can have his constant companionship.

The Holy Ghost is a member of the godhead who teaches us truth. Unlike Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ the Holy Ghost does not have a body, so his influence can be everywhere at once. Some people experience impressions or promptings or just a warm feeling of comfort. He is someone that will reassure us when we are doing good things that will make us happy and pull us closer to home, but at the same time he will tell us when we are in danger or when what we are doing is wrong. His influence is often referred to as  the still small voice because of the gentle way he usually communicates. Boyd K. Packer said, “The Holy Ghost speaks with a voice that you feel more than you hear. While we speak of listening to whisperings of the spirit, most often one describes the spiritual promptings by saying I had a feeling. This voice of the spirit speaks gently.”

In conference talk by Henry B Eyring he says “The companionship of the Holy Ghost makes what is good more attractive and temptation less compelling.” The Holy Ghost will witness of truth and righteousness and will be undeniable. Today Josh will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and this means he will be blessed with continual guidance and inspiration from the Holy Ghost. The gift of the Holy Ghost is one of Gods greatest gifts to us.

The Holy Ghost is lots of things to many different people all over the world, but for me the Holy Ghost is important when if comes to decision making as well peace of mind and comfort. As I have come to know the Holy Ghost in my life, he has helped me to deal with hard decisions. When I was 14 going into my freshman year of high school, I was unsure of where I wanted to continue school. I could go to Arlington with all of my current friends or I could go to King with my sister. I was confused at what would be right for me. As a prayed I knew what I should do, and felt right about enrolling at King high school. The Holy Ghost confirmed to me that I had made the right decision by giving me peace of mind. To many people this may seem like no big deal, but because of this decision I was able to meet Josh who is now very important in my life as well as my best friend. Also, I became very close with my sister and that has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.

I’d like to bear my testimony that i know this church is true and the Holy Ghost will guide us by showing us truth. 

Go Eliza. Go Missionaries. And go Josh!!!