Come and hear the wonderful back story of a 35+ year connection between President Mark McKell, 1st Counselor in the Riverside Stake Presidency, and Ronald Jensen, a person who joined the church in the Philippines as a young child many years ago. President McKell and his companion David Taylor were instrumental in teaching and baptizing the Jensen family.  Later, Ron Jensen served a full-time mission in Nebraska and had the opportunity to teach, along with others, Dawn Armstrong who is featured in the “Meet the Mormons” film.  Ron Jensen is pictured in the film with Dawn, dressed in white, prior to her baptism.  Dawn’s story, so beautifully told in the film, will touch your heart.  Her thoughts and testimony of the Savior’s atonement are inspiring.


Your testimony and understanding of the Savior’s atonement will be strengthened as you hear from Dawn Armstrong and learn of this interesting, multi-generational back story. The unlikely connection between these three members of the church, and their wonderful reunion will inspire you to touch and influence others. Don’t miss this wonderful event!


(Dawn Armstrong, Ron Jensen & Pres. Mark McKell)

Be inspired by how the Gospel of Jesus Christ can impact others and how your efforts can change the lives of others too.