On a chilly autumn Saturday evening, November 7, 2020, eight people quietly gathered to honor a special couple in our city. Unlike in years past, this assembly was without fanfare or crowds. The Family Values Award that is awarded by the Riverside California Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints annually to exemplary people in our community who have promoted families and helped them to flourish was, without pageantry, awarded to Salvation Army Captains David and Kelly Cain.

Due to COVID 19 social distancing restrictions, the plans for a gala were doused, but the celebration and honoring of this special couple was not short changed. A special video was created for the Cains by our stake videographer, Dacy Nottingham, featuring friends and coworkers of the couple sharing their messages of congratulations and love for this deserving pair. In keeping with the family value theme, a member of the Communications Committee surprised the Cains with a book of their family history with several lines dating back to the year 1000! In tandem with the family history book, they were presented with a beautifully framed family tree filled with five generations of their family names.

Riverside Stake President Joseph Caldwell congratulated them and gave them certificates from both the Riverside Stake and the Riverside Mayor, Rusty Bailey.  A beautiful statue will adorn their home featuring a family, reminding them of this wonderful award and evening.  

The Cains’ story is particularly inspiring when a glimpse of their background is known. Just ten years ago or so, both Dave and Kelly were struggling with some poor life choices and addictions and were actually living on the streets. After hitting rock bottom, they discovered the light of Christ through the Salvation Army and the rest is history. Dave and Kelly married and were blessed with two sons to join Kelly’s two older sons, making a beautiful family of four sons who love each other and the Lord. The Cains are both Lieutenants in the Salvation Army and have dedicated their lives to helping others find Christ and to help families gather and heal.  Their influence in our community is wide sweeping and profound.

Though the evening was different and much more subdued than in years past, there was a beautiful spirit in attendance, and the Cains were very humbled and appreciative of receiving the award and recognition.

-Cindy Gifford,
Riverside California Stake,
Church Communications Committee,
Family Values Award Chairman