Happy Labor Day, Everyone!

As we continue to stay indoors, finding hands-on help getting started on the FamilySearch website is limited.  Fortunately, there are a few 4-minute “How To” videos on YouTube.com that are available to teach us the basics.  The videos were created for beginners and are easy to understand; they offer the ability to turn on/off the caption feature making it easy to follow; they are available in 53 different languages; and there is a feature that makes it easy to change the language.  These videos are a great place to start so we can roll into action!
Here are the links:


For those who have a calling in temple and family history or for individuals who want to learn how to provide instruction to those needing help navigating the FamilySearch site when social distancing restrictions are lifted, the church has created a “Helpers Resource”.  Click on the link below to see all that offered:


Do you know where to find resources for helping others with temple and family history?

Helper Resources is a FamilySearch web page created for those with temple and family history callings—and anyone else wishing to help others with family history. It has training, tools, and information about updates that you can use to help others discover ancestors and connect with their family.

At Helper Resources, you’ll find everything you need to create fun, inspiring, personalized family history experiences and learn about your calling.

At the 2011 RootsTech Conference, Elder Richard G. Scott declared the following:
“As one of the twelve Apostles, I would like to invoke a blessing on you that as you pray you will know how the Lord feels about what you are doing. . .I would like to also invoke a blessing that as you prayerfully ask for guidance in this sublime and important work, that you will have feelings from the Holy Ghost that will guide you.”

Please forward this family history idea of the week to the members of your ward/branch to help generate increased participation in family history.
Many thanks for all your efforts to move this important work forward.  We hope you have a nice holiday and a week that is filled with many blessings.
Bill and Mary Buckley
Riverside Stake Family History Leaders